5 of the Most Dangerous Roller Coasters in the World

We all want to enjoy a roller coaster ride every now and then to boost adrenaline and learn to appreciate life on the stable ground. While most roller coasters are thrilling, some of them take the thrill a bit too far. Thrill-seekers will certainly be more than satisfied!

After all, life is the real ‘dangerous roller coaster’ with the extremely busy, neck-breaking work days and the endless responsibilities that absorb almost all our precious youth and energy. Everyone deserves to have fun, and one of the best ways to boost your energy and get rid of stress is going on a roller coaster ride!



This is more of an adrenaline rush than a fun ride. Stratosphere Tower Insanity first opened in 2005 at more than 900 ft in the air, making it the 3rd highest thrill ride in the world.

The ride actually dangles riders on top of the tower, making them feel like they’re about to fall off! Moreover, it stops exactly in time to maximize the fear level as well as the palpitations of the riders. So if you’re afraid of heights or have a weak heart, then simply skip this one.


kingda-ka-jackson-new-jerseySix Flags Great Adventure is home to one of the most dangerous roller coasters in the world. Not only dangerous, Kingda Ka is actually the tallest roller coaster on the globe with a height of 465 ft.

This insane ride shoots its riders up at a speed of 206 km/h in 3.5 seconds before they go back down, but this time on the opposite side! So if you do enjoy incredibly high and speedy rides, you should definitely give Kingda Ka a try.



This roller coaster can be found in Holiday Park. It has several flips and inversions, and generally, it’s just one of the craziest rides you’ll ever experience since it has all it takes to pump your adrenaline.

To gain enough momentum to complete all the turns, the ride would roll back a few times, making your heart race even harder. You have two options left, you either beat your fear or it beats you!



If you’re a true thrill-seeker, head to Hershey Park to experience the roller coaster that has the steepest drop in the world. The Fahrenheit has a 97-degree angle and can reach a maximum height of 121 ft. Riders will go through many inversion loops and drops that are so steep that you won’t even be able to see the track.

So even if you’re one of the bravest riders on the planet, this ride will still give you goosebumps.



You can find this super ride at Six Flags America Amusement Park. The roller coaster reaches 200 ft high and is considered as one of the best rides in the US. During the ride, the speeds can reach 123 km/h with an occasional drop of more than 220 ft high, in addition to 10 seconds of total weightlessness.

Actually, riders often have wobble legs after riding the Superman ride of steel because of the immense drop.

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