Meet the gang that only robs yahoo boys in Lagos

It seems armed robbery is back on a high than in previous years, with instances of robbery recorded almost daily. People lose lives and property to these men of the underworld, but it gets interesting when armed robbers only target yahoo boys, also robbers with laptops.

According to various sources, the members of this gang are; the leader, Emmanuel Olasunkanmi, A.K.A FederalAhmed Agunbiade, A.K.A Omo Jo IboDotun OgunsanyaNurudeen AgbeyewoSegun Okinade and Usman Akinde.

During a chat, Federal said he only targets yahoo boys and not innocent people, “I would go to clubs on Fridays and mingle with Yahoo boys who spent lavishly. As they were leaving, I would follow them.

“On getting to a deserted place, I would point the gun at them and collect their money and phones. I usually freed Eye cult members among them once they told me they did not have money.”

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