Zambia recruits Chinese police reservists

The Zambian police have appointed eight Chinese nationals as part-time officers. The move has sparked outrage after police chiefs earlier this year banned officers from marrying foreigners for “security reasons”.

The reservists, who were yesterday commissioned by the head of the Zambia police, are believed to have already started working.

Dickson Jere, a lawyer and former presidential spokesman, said the appointments violated the constitution which clearly stated that any Zambian who has dual citizenship cannot join the defence and security forces.

He added:

So you stop your own citizens from joining the police because they have dual citizenship, and yet you allow Chinese who have no links whatsoever to this soil to be part of the same police service….food for thought.”

Zambian police spokeswoman Esther Mwata-Katongo defended the appointments, saying the reservists were screened before their appointments and they worked under the supervision of regular officers.

She told the Lusaka Times news site:

We had Indians who were police reserves and people were okay with it. Why should the Chinese be discriminated on race? We are using the Police Reserve Act which does not segregate on race.

When it comes to the marriage our standing orders are clear. We do not use emotions but the law.”

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